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Frigoríficos portuarios del sur to invest €34m in the cold logistics hub in Huelva


Este miércoles se daba cita, en el stand de Puertos del Estado, la presentación oficial del Hub logístico de frío para mercancía a temperatura controlada, aprovechando el encuentro internacional de la feria Fruit Attraction que se celebra estos días en Madrid.

Madrid, November 9, 2022.- The company Frigoríficos Portuarios del Sur will soon begin work on the project, which includes a 32,500 m22space located on the South Quay, where refrigerated storage and freezing facilities will be built with a storage capacity of 180,000 m33 and 25,000 storage spaces. These are the first refrigerated facilities for storage and transit of goods traded with Africa and the rest of the world.

The plot is located opposite the Border Control Post (BCP) and close to the container terminal and the multimodal railway platform.

The company awarded the contract, Frigoríficos Portuarios del Sur, plans to invest €34m in the construction and operation of the facilities, which also include spaces to conduct various activities associated with temperature-controlled freezing and storage, such as quality control, cross-docking, repalletising and handling of goods.

The presentation ceremony was attended by the president of Puertos del Estado, Álvaro Rodríguez Dapena; the president of the Port of Huelva, Pilar Miranda; the managing director of the Agricultural and Fisheries Management Agency of Andalusia (Agapa), José Carlos Álvarez; the Mayor of Palos de la Frontera, Carmelo Romero; the Director of the Port of Huelva, Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio; the CEO of Frigoríficos Portuarios del Sur, Salvador Urbistondo; the General Manager of Corporate Venture of Enagás, Sergio García; and the General Manager of Efficiency for LNG Applications S.L (E4Efficiency), Javier Ruesga.

Salvador Urbistondo, CEO of Friportsur, presented the project first hand, defining it as “a big bet, a big investment”. He underscored and acknowledged the support and involvement received by the entire team at the Port of Huelva, as well as the collaboration of the IDEA Agency and the company Enagás as a great travelling companion, and finally the City Council of Palos de la Frontera for its involvement in the project.

Salvador ha remarcado la apuesta por este proyecto a desarrollar “en dos fases, con una inversión total de aproximadamente 34 millones, 18 millones en una primera fase y 16 millones en la segunda”. Ha detallado las características del proyecto y descrito como “una innovadora instalación con gran capacidad de almacenaje, utilizando energía ecológica. 32500m2 de parcela con una superficie de 180000m3, formando un conjunto de edificios singulares, con las presta de funcionalidad, habitabilidad y todos los estándares de calidad y seguridad. Una instalación frigorífica que supone una clara innovación tecnológica en España, única, desde un enfoque sostenible, utilizando energías alternativas, consiguiendo una reducción del 95% coste ambiental”, remarcaba.

Finally, he highlighted the value of the location, pointing out that Huelva is in a privileged position to provide services and receive goods from South America, opening up a great commercial gateway to Africa.


The president of the Port of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, thanked the concessionaire company of the Friportsur project, as well as Enagás and its subsidiary E4E, for their collaboration in ensuring that this pioneering, innovative initiative in using Liquefied Natural Gas for energy will soon come to fruition at the South Quay. The president stated that the project, which will use the cold inherent in the regasification process of the liquefied natural gas produced at the Enagás plant as a source of energy for these refrigerated facilities, will position the Port of Huelva in the global logistics chains of temperature-controlled goods and will boost exports and imports of agri-food products through this port.

For the president of the Huelva Port Authority, Pilar Miranda: “It is a sustainable project, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint and energy expenditure, and which I would define as a well-rounded project, as it will bring wealth and opportunities to Huelva. It is a complicated initiative, because from an urban planning point of view a lot of work had to be done, and it will consist of a large refrigerated, robotised warehouse with an exceptional volume, which will provide new services to the port which is continuing to grow in terms of traditional traffics but also through diversification; we are working hard on general cargo, Ro-Ro and containers, in fact we’re tendering for the second container terminal and we will soon lay the foundation stone of the second Ro-Ro ramp”.


The president of Puertos del Estado has backed the Cold Logistics Hub project and has highlighted the commitment of Spanish ports to innovation as one of the main commitments to increase competitiveness. For his part, the managing director of the Agricultural and Fisheries Management Agency of Andalusia (AGAPA) stressed that “Andalusia is a land of possibilities and entrepreneurship. In this scenario, collaboration between administrations plays a fundamental role, because we have to be at the side of the sector and of the companies that want to invest. The Port of Huelva plays a strategic role in the province, especially in terms of the export sector. And today’s project creates an opportunity for the sector by creating cold logistics services and boosting exports”. Likewise, the Ministry of Economy, Finance and European Funds of the Andalusian Regional Government has recently approved an incentive of €5.64m via the IDEA Innovation and Development Agency of Andalusia for the creation of logistics facilities to transport refrigerated goods in the Port of Huelva by the company Frigoríficos Portuarios del Sur.

The South Quay, with a 58,000 m2 container terminal managed by the company Yilport Huelva, has 240 reefer inlets for goods, as well as other services such as a modern Border Control Post (BCP) in the vicinity. In this intermodal platform, which combines various modes of transport, there is a 55,000 square metre Ro-Ro zone, equipped with 16 electrical outlets for lorries in a multi-purpose area.


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