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We work using a sustainable approach that takes advantage of alternative energy sources, reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint. This is done not only to keep the goods at a controlled temperature and freeze them, but also to concentrate on deconsolidation and consolidation activities with regard to those goods.

plataforma de placas fotovoltaicas

The project has a photovoltaic installation to obtain additional energy resources.

hidrógeno ecológico

Via the panels, we can achieve energy savings in offices and warehouses.

respeto al medioambiente

We take care of every detail of each process using sustainable solutions, respecting the environment and reducing pollution.

Compromiso con nuestros trabajadores

We are committed to our employees, who are the key to the success of the business, and to our customers, who are its backbone


Friportsur is committed to the ecosystem in which it operates, to which it contributes and from which it benefits, thanks to corporate and business social responsibility (CSR and BSR) based on management of the impact of our activity on customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and society in general.

A strategy that is designed to provide solutions, improvements, aid and support to society, focusing our activity on improving the lives of employees, customers, shareholders and society in general.

An incentive of €5,648,528.96 — 80% co-financed by the European Union via ERDF, the European Regional Development Fund — has been received from the IDEA Innovation and Development Agency of the Regional Government of Andalusia to aid the implementation of the Cold Logistics Hub project, which aims to “achieve a more competitive business fabric”.